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The cultivation of olives and the preservation of the olive oil has been part of the Ayed family for many generations. “Our great-grandfather has always reminded us of a few important aspects to bear in mind in order to produce a nectar fruit juice made from the best olives”, says his grandson, Noureddine Ayed. “These aspects are the guidelines that must be followed in order to obtain ultra-premium quality extra virgin olive oil; and they are:  the environment, the soil, the preparation, the processing, the storage and the blending.”

The family owned farms are geographically located far from any kind of industrial activity, allowing our olives to grow in a clean and disease free environment.  The  constant  proper evaluation and preparation of the soil is a key factor that the Ayed family has been practicing for many years and the hard work has lead to the success and profitability of the olive orchards. Our team of experts prepare the soil in the best time of the year, right before the rain starts, in the fall of the year before spring planting.  The first step that is commonly done in our farms is the evaluation for rooting depth. At our farms we pay close attention to the soil. We make sure the best orchard location is chosen and this extensive thorough preparation (leveling, deep ripping, fumigating) are among the steps that have been followed and still continue to be followed today.

As part of our vision to only produce the finest quality extra virgin olive oil, we pay much attention to detailed fertilizing, irrigation and pruning programs to ensure the trees produce only the finest fruit. Our trees are shaped to allow for overhead harvesting. In this we ensure that the fruit can be picked at the optimum time and is not left to degrade while waiting for slower traditional central shaking harvesters. Once harvested the fruit is immediately taken to the mill and turned into oil in less than twenty-four hours.  The Ayed family has always tried to implements innovative ways in respect to nature to get the best results possible.

At Eagle Olive Oil we seek to produce the ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, following this philosophy we have arranged our high food grade facility to make sure the olive oil is stored away from heat, light and oxygen. To that end, we have placed our high quality olive oil in dark bottles with no oxygen between the neck of the bottle and the cork in order to minimize oxidization.

At both our farms we use the cold-press method and add no chemicals, and try to use almost no heat assistance at all. We test our extra virgin olive oil using the Olive Oil Council accredited methods which allows us to select and retain only the highest rated olive oils coming from our own farms . Integrity is the key to Eagle Olive Oil’s s success and only by strictly respecting what is written on the bottle’s label can we keep up with our centenary tradition and authoritativeness that built our reputation.
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