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Even though Eagle Olive Oil is a new company, the history of cultivating olives and producing extra virgin olive oil goes back almost a century ago.  The grandfather of our chairman, owned and cultivated olive trees for more than 75 years ago. His grandson still remembers how his grandfather would always drink a small cup of extra virgin olive oil in the break of dawn and while sipping the oil he would say “this is the best medicine there is.” Even though his family never actually took him seriously when said that extra virgin olive oil is medicine, he did live up to 107 years old. While we cannot be sure that he lived that long because he drank extra virgin olive oil every day, today his grandson, Noureddine Ayed is confident that the oil had something to do with it.

Mr. Ayed’s grandfather was born and raised in the farm. He was always seen near the olive trees, from the time of the trees plantation to the day of the harvesting of the olives. Even when there was not much work to be done, Mr. Ayed’s grandfather loved being surrounded by olive trees, some days he would even have his lunch served under an olive tree.  The favorite time in the Ayed family was the harvesting of their olive trees.  It was a big celebration more than physical work.  The entire family, kids included participated in this event, while the adults would use the traditional ways with pickers up ladders, pulling the olives off each branch, the youngsters were on their knees picking up the olives as they would fall onto a net underneath. They made sure that they would not miss any olives, making them seem as if they were a precious jewel.  This process took place every year and every year this much attention and care was given to the olive trees and the fruit itself.  At his grandfather’s farm they used the traditional millstone to produce one of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Since he was a young boy, Mr. Ayed’s grandfather had the vision of being a successful businessmen one day, who would own and cultivate hundreds of hectares of olive trees and sell the olive oil to the market.  Even though, he did not achieve his dream of expanding his small farm into an olive oil business he did speak of it often.  While those days his dream was just mere words traveling around the dining room, they did stay in the heart and mind of his grandson Noureddine Ayed.  He vowed to himself that one day he would make his grandfather’s dream a reality, and he did.  On August 2009 he created Eagle Olive Oil company which harvests, produces and bottles its own high quality extra virgin olive oil to be sold to the world-wide market, just like his grandfather had wished for.
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