Extra virgin olive oil is nothing but fruit juice extracted mechanically from olive fruit.  The great benefit from using EOO is that there is not heat or chemicals used in the extraction process. Another important factor is that the less the olive oil is handled, the closer to its natural state the oil is and the better and healthier the quality of the oil itself is.  We always create the most suitable and preferred conditions for our olive oil.

Both of our brands, Byrsa and Berber are complimented by many olive oil tasters and experts for their unique flavor.  Byrsa, our highest quality olive oil leaves an after taste of spicy yet fruitiness taste in your mouth.  The Berber brand, while tasting more smoothly yet aromatic, is also very much preferred by our clients. Both brands can be drizzled straight on pasta or salads, giving the food an exquisite delicious flavor.  Experts say that the main determinants which affect the flavor of the extra virgin olive oil are: the growing region, seasonal variations, olive variety, fruit maturity and quality production along with the right storage methods. The fact that we cultivate different farms, with different characteristics in each offers to our clients more variety and various flavors to suit the needs and requirements of all customers.

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